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Routemaster CAV Indicators

CAV Indicator
The original standard CAV indicator - note new baseplate Photo © GRBishop 2012
Rubberlite Indicator
The later “Rubberlite” indicator Photo © GRBishop 2012

As per all Routemasters that were re-engined towards the end of their operational life in London RM1872 had the light “upgrade” so the CAV original lights were removed and replaced with more modern units.
Seen here ( above ) are the original CAV unit and the much simpler “Rubberlite” replacement.  Less well known is that the original RM indicators had two 12 volt bulbs wired in series to allow for the vehicle’s 24 volt electrical system.  The replacements were 24 volt to make things standard in the garages and so the front indicator assembly gained a new return wire and the original RM wires were joined together to make both bulbs 24 volt.  Check your bulbs first !.

We have continued the restoration of the exterior to its original 1960’s condition by re-instating the original CAV indicators.

These few pictures shew what to expect when removing the replacement trim in order to refit the CAV units.  We now need to fill in the rivet holes and repaint the area.
We have used stainless steel bolts throughout.  The replacement mounting brackets were sourced from RMOOA but still need to be painted.
The mounting bolts are 1 inch ¼ UNF set screws and the assembly retaining bolt is a 2½ inch long ¼ UNF item.
Note: the lower bolts must not exceed 25mm (1 inch) for they foul an internal member and will shear off when tightened!

As can be seen in the pictures below we kept the 24 volt conversion and fed all three wires up to the junction box in the assembly.  Please note the junction box contains a switch so when the lamp is bent back it doesn't flash and so warns the driver it isn't in the correct place!

Nearside Indicator Mounting
The indicator mounting after removal of indicator assembly
(Note 2 original & 1 new wire).
Photo © GRBishop 2012
CAV Indicator Mounted and Wired
The CAV indicator assembly mounted in position and wired Photo © GRBishop 2012
CAV assembly junction and switch box
The CAV assembly junction and switch box Photo © GRBishop 2012
RM172 CAV Indicators
RM1872 stands proudly at Buckfastleigh with its original style CAV indicators Photo © GRBishop 2012

The RMOOA can also provide replacement front traficator rubber assemblies and the centre metal reflector plus a “Get you home” lens pair.

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