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Voith Fluid Coupling Repair

The cause of the seal leak is evident after removing the propshaft and adapter
– a plastic shopping bag !
Plastic bag and circlip removed ready to extract the damaged seal
Note: Removal of the seal will let most of the oil out so have a container ready !
The seal after removal
Adapter plate refitted and the M10 screws tightened to 46Nm
Propshaft refitted Photo © JKeohane 2019

Recently we spotted oil on the top of the dog guards and further investigation revealed the fluid coupling was shedding oil and what looked like PTFE was emerging from behind the drive adapter.  This later turned out to be a plastic shopping bag !

RM1872 is a Scania Conversion with a modern Voith VTK460TD coupling.

Voith UK ( +44 20 8667 3006 ) have been most helpful and supplied a replacement seal which took about 2½ hours to fit.
As per Voith instructions the coupling was refilled with the correct 32 grade oil and the level set by turning the coupling so the filler was 55° from vertical.  The coupling takes 12.5 Litres of oil.

Please note that Voith recommend changing the oil in the fluid coupling every 10,000 hours of running which, in our case, is roughly every 5 years.

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