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During RM1872's life on London's streets, particularly in Brixton, certain passengers were moved to record their pleasure at travelling on a London icon and so they scratched various messages onto the 'bus.  This "tagging" was particularly bad upstairs and the marks on the glass shewed up at night so we have bought a complete set of window panes from PSV Glass and new rubber from the RMOOA.  Here are a few pictures of us installing the new, crystal clear, windows.
We also replaced the the rubber seal that runs along the winder bar.  This was very easy to replace if lubricated with washing up liquid and pushed into place with the PSV spatula.

Fitting window rubber

Ease the old rubber out
(plastic protects aluminium frame)

Fitting window rubber

Push new rubber in over lip and
smooth down

Fitting window rubber
Click on images above for detail of fitting rubber
Window Trim Window winder bar Window winder bar seal
Remove trim Release screws on each side Pull seal from bar
Window winder bar seal Window screws
Ease new seal into extrusion Window screws: track 1/8*40 Cheese, Window bar 5/32*32 CSK, Trim 1/8*40 Raised
Upper window replacement
An access platform is essential for upper window replacement
Click here for detail of fitting rubber
Using the piece of "Magic Plastic" to refit the gasket into window pan 
(click on image for detail)
Window runners
Window Runners are refitted - Job done
Plastic spatula   Plastic spatula
The PSV Spatula (magic plastic) essential for refitting the window gasket
Photographs© Gavin Bishop 2006
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